Where the footprints end


Dreams are typically reserved for the realm of our subconscious during sleep. Yet, some of my most profound fantasies take shape in the form of daydreams—moments when I drift away from the present to create a unique blend of reality and fantasy. I read that Filmmaker Werner Herzog is unable to dream at night whilst sleeping, yet is constantly having daydreams of thrill and adventure. This intriguing phenomenon piques my curiosity about the transformative power of ‘daydreams.’ In my youth, they posed challenges to my schooling and concentration but undoubtedly played an integral role in nurturing my creativity.

Serving as a simple allegory for the pursuit of a creative life. They capture a ‘day for night’ daydream, steeped in the wonder and exploration of childhood, within landscapes that transcend the ordinary.

Filmed along the rugged Californian coast, between Carmel and Big Sur, these pieces blend the mystical allure of infrared photography (590nm and above) with the magic of traditional ‘day for night’ techniques. These otherworldly images transport viewers to the edge of the North Pacific Ocean during low tide, revealing a transient landscape of kelp, barnacles, and rocks briefly exposed before the tide’s return, submerging and concealing them once more.

The Short Film

Photographic series

Video artworks + Process

Initially, I planned to construct the montage using still images that followed the narrative arc of the short photographic story. I aimed to breathe life and fluidity into these static visuals through keyframe animation. This endeavour was executed using familiar tools including my full spectrum camera and post-production software, including Capture One, Photoshop, and After Effects. Throughout this phase, I also ventured into experimenting with my own voice-over, subtitles, and varying durations. Ultimately, I made the deliberate choice to strip away all distractions, honing my focus solely on the outwardly beautiful landscape imagery.

Soundscape was created by Pat Santamaria @babekuhl

A Side - Original

In the second phase, my goal was to craft a fresh artwork using the same set of photographs, harnessing an array of cutting- edge AI-based tools. The primary aim was to inject dynamism and vitality into these static images, bringing them to life at 24 frames per second. This phase fostered a spirit of exploration, encouraging a more experimental and expressive approach. I utilized a variety of software applications, including but not limited to: Photoshop Generative Fill, Video 2 Video – Runway-Gen 1, Image to Video – EB SYNTH, Runway-Gen 2, AI Depth Map – Runway, Topaz Video – Apollo, and Artemis, as well as After Effects. During this phase, I frequently overlaid and reworked distorted shots through multiple iterations. The end result is an abstract and expressionistic video artwork that distinguishes itself from its original source, emanating a dreamlike quality that sets it apart.

These artworks were exhibited as part of “AI Digital Twin’ and available as NFTs via Culture Vault.

B Side - AI


“We follow footprints,
a trail to a distant place,
moons fade, suns shine”

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