BILLY RYAN (Babekuhl) is an artist and film maker based in Sydney, Australia. Largely drawn to nature and its ability to connect us to a sense of wonder and imagination. His works aims to explore “the unseen” – the ethereal realm that surrounds us but we cannot always see. To visualise these hidden dimensions, Ryan employs the use of technology – a full spectrum camera – capable of capturing the natural environments via light waves which are invisible to the human eye (infrared & Ultraviolet).

Approaching technology from an expressionistic perspective, Ryan employs it as a tool to reveal truths within our world and venture into the realm of dreams beyond our own. This technology-enhanced perspective is hypnotic and alluring, rendering landscapes and environments that feel both intensely hyper-real and instantly familiar.

RYAN is a co-founder and a lead artist at Babekühl, a Darlinghurst based creative studio and new media arts collective.

RYAN also co-curates Babekühl Gallery, supporting the emerging local art and design community in pursuit of reinvigorating the creative hub of Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

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Instagram: billy_babekuhl

Instagram: babekuhl 




Babekühl /babe*cool/ is a new-media art collective and creative studio. We are a post-disciplinary mix of artists, designers, musicians, photographers, animators, and film-makers with a deep portfolio of multimedia projects. Our work has been commissioned by Vivid festival, Adidas, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, the Free Nationals, Flight Facilities, the DMA’s, Red Bull, Spotify, Sony among others.

We seek to further understand the world around us, and our place within it. We create new media art without boundaries; art that interacts with – and responds to – its surrounding environment.

At Babekühl, technology and alternative realities are at the core of our practice. We feel compelled to use new and old technology-applying it in layered, collaborative and experimental ways. In our studio, full spectrum imaging, macrography, Lidar scanning, photogrammetry, VHS, AI and code based art tools and data-driven, generative imageries are used interchangeably.

In developing this methodology, we have collectively become infatuated with the process of creating distorted, pastiche-like realities observed through a technologically enhanced lens. We call this our own form of techno-expressionism.

Our work is accessible, autonomous, experimental, and crucially, ever-evolving.

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